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Training programs

Training Programs

Every employee has a different learning style where they learn dominantly; visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The adults learn in a distinct way. The rely more on related learning, applied learning and in challenging what they have learned. Our leadership, motivational, soft skills based, induction and management programs follow the "ADDIE Model".

We have a signature program for prevention of sexual harassment on the workplace.

  • • Leadership
  • • Motivational
  • • Soft skills based (personality development)
  • • Induction and management

Leadership :-

Everything you need to know about the importance and significance of leadership in management. Leadership function is a matter of pushing people until they do what the leader wishes them to do. Leadership is primarily a matter of removing barriers so that people can act with freedom and independence. Leadership encourages and stimulates action from workers by innovating them in planning and decision-making activities.

Motivational :-

A seminar which is filled with audio-video techniques, meditation and many self-questioning activities. Such a training session increases productivity, efficiency, builds friendly relations. This training also helps an individual to contribute more towards the common goal.

Soft skills based (personality development) :-

Combination of programs related to personality development, grooming, behavioral training, people skills, emotional intelligence & more. These programs help the employees to grow in a competitive corporate environment.

Induction and management: -

The corporates induct new employees on regular basis, periodic trainings are there for every batch of employee. Our general, specific & follow-up induction & management programs help our clients in giving one-of-a-kind experiences to their valuable assets.